Our intention is to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability of service at the lowest practicable cost and to meet and surpass the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Achieving this quality is the prime responsibility of all our employees.

We will maintain our reputation for quality, by achieving standards which comply with specifications and contractual obligations, if we encourage employee involvement in the development and continuous improvement of quality practices.

To promote evidence of our intentions, Heba Cleaning Services (NSW) Pty Ltd has developed, documented and implemented a management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001

We will measure our performance through our non-conformance, corrective and non-corrective action reports. Our objective is to close out any non-conformance as soon as they occur.

All personnel are required to co-operate in the prevention of accidents and damage/or loss to property.

The whole approach to the administration of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy should aim for a team effort between supervisors, employees, clients and the public.

Accidents resulting in personal injury or damage to equipment and materials represent needless waste and suffering. Therefore, it is essential that all supervisors and employees recognize the social and economic need for risk control management.

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